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What Is Big Bang Digital?

There’s BIG PROBLEM with the way most agencies and dealerships are approaching digital marketing, and it’s leading to a general sense of DISAPPOINTMENT when it comes to investing online. Here’s the thing: VDP views, likes, impressions, engagements, clicks and shares are not SOLD CARS. And that means they’re not an accurate way of tracking the results of your digital investment. Instead, you need a proven formula for generating real leads that convert at a high rate and a reliable way to track the actual ROI of your digital investment.

Big Bang Digital is a fast, scalable way for your dealership to get more leads and sell more cars today. We take a results-oriented approach to digital marketing because we know that at the end of the day what really matters is more cars sold.

So if you’re tired of lackluster results from your dealership’s digital marketing and you’re ready to start selling more cars today, then sign up for a FREE demo and discover a whole new world of measurable, scalable opportunity.

Our Partnerships

How Big Bang Digital Helps Dealerships Grow

Real People, Real Results

Our digital strategists are the best in the country, and these real, talented people are working in your campaigns every single day to optimize results, ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck. No set it and forget it automated account management here. Real people, real strategy and real intelligence equal real results for you.


Daily Optimization

If something’s not working, we want to fix it NOW, not at the end of the month. That’s why our team tracks daily performance and will edit, change and optimize ads, bids, keywords, groups, audiences, geography and filters to maximize performance.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Make sure your ads are seen by the right people. With targeted ad campaigns based on geography, buying behavior, demographics and interest, we’re able to target the people most likely to buy from you today.


Email Marketing

Recover unconverted leads and increase repeat business with email marketing. Our unique strategy turns leads into customers and customers into everlasting relationships. Don’t get a customer to sell a car, sell a car to get a customer for life.

Facebook Lead Generation

With more than 1.45 billion active daily users, Facebook is the biggest audience on the planet, making it a cash cow if you know how to tap into it. We’ve earned an exclusive partnership with the social media giant because we’re so good at optimizing campaigns for results. Now that partnership gives us the inside scoop and early access to new features and data. That means you get the hottest methods before your competition.

Google AdWords

Make sure your dealership is always in the perfect position to collect the most high-quality leads at the best cost, while protecting yourself from competitors trying to steal your traffic.

Live Digital Reporting

Always know where your money is going and what your results are with our Live Digital Reporting tool that gives you hourly updates on Total Spend, Total Leads, Cost per Lead, Impressions, Clicks, Cost Per Click, and much, much more.

Sold Matchback Reporting

We know the only thing that matters at the end of the day is how many cars you sold. That’s why we’ll take your sold lists and match them back to their original campaign, so we can continuously deliver more leads that deliver results.


Unlimited Support

Our team is always here to help! From needs analysis to campaign and strategy development, we want to help you reach your growth goals faster.

All This With No Contracts Or Long-Term Commitments.

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